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Fear of going completely insane?

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Hey there everyone.

I find a large amount of my HPPD is linked to hypochondria. I try not to but sometimes I cant help but worry constantly about new symptoms, and the general fear of complete insanity.

Has anyone ever gone completely insane, without further drug use?

Its been a long time since I used drugs but it seems that I get new symptoms, they play on me for a while, and wehen I convince myself that Im coping they fade and new symptoms arrive.

Just recently I had

1) The whole world seemed to get conciderably louder, and I had this delicateness to my brain, kinda like waking up in the morning after a hard night, every noise hurt my head. I also developed head aches over this time.

2) I had vertigo, I regularly had to grab onto things to stop myself feeling like I was going to fall.

3) My dognitive function started getting so bad I couldnt talk

Well I coped. I told myself alot of people on HPPDOnline have had this alot longer than me and they're still living productive lives. I ignored these new symptoms and they gradually faded.

Now Ive developed this aweful feeling. Its hard to explain unless youve done psychadelics. You know the one where everything has a thousand meanings? Where sad stories in the news destroy you cause you can almost sense the feelings of the person/s involved. It feels kinda like Im on acid, only without the fucked upness.I have a raging fear that this will lead to my incarceration in a halfway house. I ear that I could eventually loose it.

Has anyone gone insane from HPPD?

Ive stopped using drugs, my doctor told me once drug use stops things wont get worse because your not doing any durther damage. This made sense to me, however it doesnt seem to be ringing true.

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I think you'll be fine.....initially my symptoms all worsened for a couple months even after I was basically free of drug use then I started to recover. Just like you, I would also lose certain symptoms and gain new ones as time went by. After like 6 months of feeling weird I developed this weird twitch/jerk where random parts of my body would just spasm for no reason.......I felt like a super druggie, but luckily it wasn't that noticeable but I could tell it was happening. Anyhow, after a few months of that it started to fade and doesn't happen very often anymore. Just hang in there.

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Cheers Gmo!

Problem is I'll be coming up on three years on HPPD this year, and to still feel like its getting worse?

Im going to try and cope, but this new "tripping" feeling is far from pleasant!

oh......yea that is a while. I thought you just got it a few months ago or something.

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