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Is this hppd? Weed afterwards?


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Hey there so I think I might have some mild hppd. I have done lsd thrice last summer and had a bad trip once. After that I would have occasional 20 sec flashbacks of color enhancement etc but nothing else. Now three weeks ago I took mdma, and everything was fine after that. I was on a weed break and smoked a few days ago. Ever since I smoke everything is very cattoony, hd colors if you know what I mean, like elongated. Not sure if it's hppd or what. I stopped weed because after that bad trip my weed was often very anxiety inducing and very intense.

Now I am hopeful that if I'm lucky and I recover in a few months while being sober. I don't want to do lsd or MD anymore not risking it, but can i still smoke weed, like will that go back to normal. Will these hppd neural pathways be faded out? Like erased. Thanks

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Well its hard to tell, it changes from one person to another, many people can stand drugs of any kind anymore (not even alcohol), some others keep smoking weed with ligth use, but definetly my advice for you its to satay sober for a while at least, let the hppd show its face for you, cause this disorder its so fucking unpredictable its better not to mess with it, i was at the same point at the beginnig afraid of not be able to smoke weed again cause i just loved it so much, but man we can live a completely happy life with out substances, at the end you will do what you want, but keep in mind HPPD its very unpredictable, what may have worked for somebody may not work for you and vice versa, stay safe and i hope your HPPD stays steady and you can recover completely. Hope   

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