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  1. stop drog usage inmediatly bro, thats the better thing you can do, many of us didnt like to hear that cause we used to be drugies, i used to be a pot head from my 16s to 22s where i had to stop, cause yeah, it only makes it worse thanks for sharing, its really interesting to hear the journey of others through this madness, and its helpfull for others with the condition to have a point of comparison, thank you very much, i wish the best for you man, HOPE!!!!
  2. I had pain in my eyes and my head, like two months a go then i got tinnitus, now all of that is almost gone but my visual disturbanses became a lil worse, dont worry too much about it, this is a very common fase, and HPPD its a fluctuating disorder, theres nothing written to be a law about this. But anyway check your back cause its common too that some symptoms that are not related with HPPD can exacerbate visuals and anxiety in general, cause we are in a extreme alert state of hypervigilance, im a lil hypocondric too, im not saying its your case, but for example i got a flu weeks ago and
  3. Thank you very much, your answers to my topic had relaxed me a lot, everybody here had been so helpful to me i can thank you enough!, i cant give up i just cant i love life this wont ruin my life Thank you everybody !
  4. I cut drug use one month ago and my visuals everyday are sligthly worst is that normal guys?
  5. oh! man how tough must had been, thank for the hope bro. Peace
  6. ohh man, for what i had read from you, you have several years dealing with this disorder rigth? oh man i can imagine how strong you have been, im in few months and i feel like im just so tired.
  7. Ohh man thats terrible, i totally understand you, i rather take any phisicall pain i had experienced instead of that horrible feeling, its like you are about to die every minute but death just dont come, i think you suffered more than me so i cant imagine, but i understand you completely, i hope you get better bro, maybe your sufering post traumatic disorder now but it will go away, hope the best for you man, peace
  8. when i drink a beer it gets worse at takes a lot to go back to base line :C
  9. Whats is the symptom you (or symptoms) its harder for you to deal with (in my case: palinopsia, DP, Anxiety, uncertainty of where im gonna get, dizzines) ?
  10. Its better if you quit stimulants for a while like caffeine or nocitine, i smoke a cig some afternoons and doent seems to afect it too much but, hey, everybody its diferent bro, and this disorder its really unpredictable, better if you stay clean for a reasonable time, your body will thank you! peace!
  11. Your are very young and you will be fine man, just dont overthink about it too much, it sounds to me like you are exacerbating your symptoms with the anxiety, tahts very common, i think you may have a mild case of HPPD so, stop drug use for a while, do excercise and drink watter, have healthy food and you will have a great chance that it fades away completely, just focus on other things, and dont think too much about the visuals, acept it is like reality is going to look like for a while, i know it feels strange and mmaybe creepy but it will pass away if you take a break from substances and st
  12. Like three weeks or so, anyway my case its not steady, somedays its like im on 100Ug of lsd some others is less noticeable, i had to quit pot too
  13. Antidepresant use to make symptoms worse, i took Mirtazapine or Remeron and it made my symptoms sky rocket, i passed trough VS to double image and trails in vision, it helped me to disminish anxiety though, but made visuals worse, then i stoped the use, and my HPPD is starting to be on vase line again. its better if you look for natural remedys like lion mane, to say at first i didnt realize i was sufering HPPD and continue to smoke weed while using the antidepresant wich made everything worse. Try to meditate and be patient, its seems like only time and natural healing is the path with
  14. Well its hard to tell, it changes from one person to another, many people can stand drugs of any kind anymore (not even alcohol), some others keep smoking weed with ligth use, but definetly my advice for you its to satay sober for a while at least, let the hppd show its face for you, cause this disorder its so fucking unpredictable its better not to mess with it, i was at the same point at the beginnig afraid of not be able to smoke weed again cause i just loved it so much, but man we can live a completely happy life with out substances, at the end you will do what you want, but keep in mind H
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