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I am devastated and absolutely hopeless...


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I tried LSD for the first time about a month ago and had some fun, thought that would be the end of it but I started noticing weird things in my vision and how I felt a few days ago and now... apparently I have developed HPPD after a few drinks and casual weed smoking last week.

I feel completely devastated, I feel like my life is ruined because of a couple of bad decisions and I wish I could go back and just not take any drugs but now i'm stuck here with a messed up brain. I feel so depressed and anxious just wishing my eyesight could be the way it was before any of this. 

I am only 20 years old and I feel like it is all over for me :(

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At first it can seem really hopeless, but through abstaining drugs/caffeine and eating healthy, trying coping mechanisms, exercising, etc I promise it gets somewhat better over time. Working towards recovery immediately is a huge help, and coming to terms with your symptoms will also help with the anxiety/depression. In just a few months of working towards recovery and living a completely healthy lifestyle, my symptoms have lowered 50% (although HPPD recovery is different for everyone). Just hang in there! A positive mindset can work wonders in your battle against HPPD 🙂

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Welcome!  Please don't assume your symptoms are perminent, and don't assume they're going to get worse.  It's not uncommon to have hppd like symptoms shortly after dosing.  One month isn't much time.   You've dosed once so your prospects are good.

I'm not a medical professional, but would strongly suggest that you refrain from dosing.  I'd also stop consuming cannabis for a while.  Give your brain some time to bounce back.  If you are susceptible to hppd, or if you have a mild form of it, please don't tempt fate.

Understand, life isn't  over for you!   Don't panic and don't assume the worst.  


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