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Interesting aspect of the brain

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Surprising/funny, it isn't hard - perhaps having 'to-conquer'/'live-with' messed up vision hones up or skills to understand messed up stuff. A lot of people on DP forums speak of how words/language looks weird/strange. Equally odd is that my spelling (without spell checking) is horrible but not as bad as your example - yet misspellings are more annoying than your example.

You should put this as a poll and see if HPPDers reach or exceed 55% !

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Yes, can't read a word you wrote :P

This all again underlines that the brain is a "meaning making machine that forms precepts based on experience". With HPPD (and the like), the ability to put it all together smoothly runs amuck. Each individual is affected differently depending on what systems are malfunctioning, compounding diagnosis and treatment.

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@nepuinthesky: What's to be seen in your second picture? Shall there be a face between the trees?

and I can read the text at the beginning of this thread. English is not my first language, the first words have been a bit harder to decipher but when my brain kind of realized, that it's english, it went smooth.

So far, I met noone personally, who couldn't read a text like that... maybe I am just hanging around with crazy persons ;-)

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