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  1. Haha, thats pretty cool. Always wondered how my teachers could read my hand written essays at school.
  2. Peat Bog Faeries - Captain Coull's Parrot
  3. Like a few people say i don't think alcohol has had any long term adverse effects on my HPPD but the hangovers are a killer! Pre-HPPD i never got hangover, even when i first got HPPD i never got hangover maybe it was because i was young but as soon as i hit 18/19 BANG, i would wake up feeling like a 80 year old man who's just been head to head with Mike Tyson in a ring. If i drank a lot of water before going to sleep it would help a lot the next day. I'm talking about 1-2 pints of water before sleeping. You might piss yourself during the night but that's just a chance i'm willing to take!
  4. Going to start his one up again Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
  5. Hello! WOW. I can't actually believe that i remembered my log in details first go! Not been here since the old site was down in 08/09. Good to see yous all again! Anyway i decided to just have a quick scan over the forum and started reading your post Boogres. Back in 2008 when i first got HPPD i've noticed ( like Lucid said) many symptoms that come and go. However i've never actually seen anyone mention the sickly/nauseous symptom. I suffer this from time to time. I had to reply when you mentioned it. It feels like there's a sickly fog that comes over you making you feel fatigued/nauseousnes
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