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New Poster - Not new to HPPD - Now I know What 'it' is that is!


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Hi all, its only been in the past 2 days I've started to try and figure out what this 'shit' that goes on in my brain is, I'm under no illusions its due to LSD, as a lot on here are the same I'm sure - I  honesty have felt ever since I've had this 'thing' going on I'm my life I was the only person in the world who was experiencing it, a life long trip that was never going away.

Well, my symptoms started when I was 15, a long story of drugs and debauchery through the 90's Generation X fun and games that ill tell soon, I'm now 43, so have been living with this for a long time!

Now I know I'm not, it was literally an internet search 2 nights ago based on my experience and a couple of Youtube vides that showed me I'm not the only person every to feel like this. Its part of me, I've had a good, healthy, and successful life, and am still doing so but man sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be 'normal. unless that would just be boring!

Anyway, its great to speak to like-minded souls and hear of other experiences, I hope I can be of help to some and hey, maybe ill need some help off you guys too!

P - UK.



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I have a very similar history.  I started dosing just before my 14th birthday (1973).  I assumed the symptoms I had would vanish when I stopped.  Of course, they didn't.  I too thought I was the only one in the world who was stuck with this.  I stopped dosing in 1979, there was no internet, and nobody to talk to.  I realized there's nothing particularly unique about me  so I figured there must be others.  When I found this site, I realized that I wasn't alone.  Life has been good to me as well and many of my symptoms have nearly vanished.  I still have significant visuals though.  I'm almost 60.  Welcome!  

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