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Developed HPPD 2 1/2 months ago. No improvements since. Am I screwed?


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I got HPPD from one tested 125 ug tab. No prior psychedelic experience. I get visual snow, afterimages, trails, shimmering on patterns, objects breathing, blue light entoptic phenomenon, halos, starbursts, closed eye visuals, and tinnitus. 


I had an MJ edible 4 days after (before I knew not to) and since have been sober of weed. I’ve been sober of alcohol for a month and half.


Yet no improvements whatsoever. Am I stuck with this for life?

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Hi, I'm replying because you sound similar to me. I got hppd after only my second acid experience, and was so scared for a long time. I began to see really noticeable improvements at about 4 months. The first three months were utter hell. I almost failed three classes in college, after being a straight A student. I couldn't connect with friends and family. I could hardly see at night and was scared to drive or even leave my house. I couldn't read, because the lines of text would get stuck in my field in perception and follow me down the page blocking out all of the new lines. I couldn't watch tv because the swiring dots would make me dizzy.  I( thought I was going to have to drop out of school and live with my parents forever.  Then my symptoms started lessening. I started to see less of the visual snow, less warping of objects, less brain fog, I started to be able to communicate again. After school ended about 6 months after the symptoms started I went on a vacation that I had been dreading, because I couldn't stop thinking that this vacation would suck and confirm my fears that no matter what I would never be happy again. But I had a great time, I just had to wear sunglasses for most of it to mitigate some of the visuals.

I am now working a normal job and living a normal life. I still have symptoms, floaters, some light visual snow, blep if I stare at a blank sky, very minor afterimages. But the severity of the symptoms has slowly decreased to probably 20% of what I originally had. I am able to lead a normal life, and the symptoms only bother me if I allow them to. If I don't focus on them I hardly notice them, "out of mind, out of sight" if you will. I know that some people on this site have symptoms for longer or shorter than other's but I would say that mine decreased to a level where life was fully livable in about 6 months. 

I don't know If the symptoms will ever fully go away, but I still hope that they will. I am extremely thankful that they have decreased as much as they have, and that my life seems to be back on track. 2.5 months feels like a long time with this condition, but it will likely be around for a bit longer. Don't give up hope. I thought my life was over for sure, but now I know that it's not, stay off the drugs and don't give up hope.

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You're not "screwed".  Not at all.  Like I, and most people in this forum will say, stay clean.  Avoid psychoactive drugs, that's very important!  Be patient, I don't know if you just dosed that once.  If so, it's likely the symptoms will fade.  However, be patient.  It can take a while.  Keep moving with your life.  Try to focus your mind on the productive and joyful aspects of your life.  I'm an old guy who took a ton of psychedelics.  Some of my symptoms appear to be perminent.  However, I've never considered myself as being screwed.  Life has been good to me, and I hope to ride this planet around the sun many more times.

Hang in there and never give up.

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