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When Cognition Is the Main Issue


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Hey, I'm going to make another post.

My main issue, since the very very start, has been cognitive problems due to HPPD. Not really any visuals isssues. A feeling like a rock is stuck inside my head which then makes it difficult to put things into words and even to type. It turns me into a total idiot. I've only seen medications such as Lamictal and Valium helping, as well as dopamine agonists, but just lately it's been getting worse.

Does anyone here have the same symptoms? If so, how have you managed to get rid of them?

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my attention span and ability to focus has been severely hindered with hppd. I almost feel like a dummy barely making my way through day to day life. Trouble forming thoughts and sentences , trouble reading , trouble even walking sometimes. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and will hopefully get some help or relief . You are not alone my friend. Prayers and love. 

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I had to relearn to focus.  When I stopped dosing it felt like all I could manage was to let my mind drift.  I forced myself to go through regimented mental exercises that slowly helped me get my brain working.  Every day, day after day.  It helped a lot.  

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