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  1. Cognition, anxiety, and depression seem to remain the same (occasional dips in depression and anxiety) but visuals have improved by about a 30-40%.
  2. Cognition has recovered 100%, anxiety by about a 75-80%, depression by a 90-95%. However, recovery on visuals has been 5%. This might last months.
  3. My last dose was on Wednesday As of now, cognition is almost back to pre-Wellbutrin levels. Not quite yet, but I'd say a 75-80% recovery. Anxiety has also recovered by about 60-65%. Depression had been coming back pre-Wellbutrin change, so I'm mildly depressed but Wellbutrin made it worse. On depression I'd say there's a 60% recovery too. Zero percent recovery on visuals. Visual Snow is my only problem at this point, there's no other visual symptoms like tracers, palinopsia, BEFF or anything else. My HPPD had almost been visually cured with most visual symptoms gone, but now visual s
  4. The title pretty much says everything. I tried to use a dopamine reuptake inhibitor because I noticed my HPPD is mostly dopaminergic. It was a mistake to try Wellbutrin when I gave this idea to my doctor. My cognition got way worse, as well as my anxiety and OCD. As of now, the symptoms haven't improved much, and the visuals remain the same as when I started the Wellbutrin. Visual snow at full force, when I use to mainly not even notice it before. Don't use this shit, ever. Most people don't get much out of it and there's only been one success story: for depression. Not for HPPD. It's pur
  5. I would try the 3.5 days on, 3.5 days off regime to "reset" benzo tolerance, but unfortunately either I take my benzo or massive brain fog sets in. It's getting better though since my last symptom worsening. Not 100% yet, maybe a 60%, but I'm getting there.
  6. Hey, I'm going to make another post. My main issue, since the very very start, has been cognitive problems due to HPPD. Not really any visuals isssues. A feeling like a rock is stuck inside my head which then makes it difficult to put things into words and even to type. It turns me into a total idiot. I've only seen medications such as Lamictal and Valium helping, as well as dopamine agonists, but just lately it's been getting worse. Does anyone here have the same symptoms? If so, how have you managed to get rid of them?
  7. That's it. I'm off Wellbutrin and back to 50mg of amisulpride for dopamine autoreceptor activation and 15mg of Valium. Wellbutrin just made my visuals worse, gave me some dizziness, and made me depressed. If things on dopamine are going to work, they should work since the very, very beginning. I've seen only one Wellbutrin success story and the only success the guy got was from his depression. His visual symptoms got worse. Previous to Wellbutrin I was not depressed. Back to drinking coffee too for dopamine upregulation.
  8. I'm also withdrawing from my usual high caffeine doses.
  9. Might've been it. I'm back on 15mg and things seem to have stabilized. Other than that, I have a mild depression. When you go back on the benzo dose after going through a slight withdrawal, everything goes back to normal, doesn't it. The HPPD stabilized and went back to how it was before, except for the increased visuals Wellbutrin causes. Wellbutrin is a powerful antidepressant, so I'm expecting it to get rid of my caffeine addiction and to get me back to normal in a few weeks. At the moment, I'm just miserable.
  10. The cognition issues stabilized, however, visuals are worse. I don't care about visuals tbh. The Wellbutrin anxiety is hellish.
  11. Brain fog and anxiety are somewhat linked. Anxiety makes thoughts about brain fog worse and creates thought loops. Brain fog usually goes away with benzos. Benzos are a MUST.
  12. I could wait it out and expect good results (after all, caffeine and modafinil always helped me) or get back to low-dose amisulpride (dopamine agonism) immediately. It's up to more experienced members here to help me out.
  13. Is it normal for the Wellbutrin to make things worse at first? I'm not sure if I should go back to 150mg only. There's too many changes going on and the effects of this shit are terrible. I don't know what to do.
  14. Hey, it's been a while since I haven't posted here, but it seems that my HPPD has been getting worse. I initially got it at the beginning of July 2014, and the first few years were hellish, which were cured with mostly SSRIs, benzos, and Lamictal. At the moment, for some reason, my HPPD, anxiety, and visuals have been getting terribly worse. No changes on depression, which is good, however. I'm currently on Wellbutrin XL 300mg, 15mg Valium, 50mg sertraline (that I plan to switch to Effexor because Effexor was a magic bullet for anxiety and depression), and Lamictal 200mg. It s
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