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HPPD and Weed


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Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first time posting. I believe I am a minor sufferer of HPPD. I have used several psychedelics a small number of times (LSD, 2cb, mdma) and a few months ago whilst taking mdma near the end of the high I smoked a joint to help me sleep and a few minutes after strong visuals onset and I had a strongly visual psychedelic experience akin to LSD lasting 4-6 hours. Ever since then I have had visual snow (more pronounced in very low light) and eye floaters when it is bright. I get closed eye visuals sometimes. I still smoke weed which makes the visuals worse but still much less prominent than the visuals on a full acid trip. When I sober up the visual snow goes back it's normal level. Since reading about HPPD the advice seems to be stopping taking all drugs but I really enjoy smoking weed as it brings me a lot of wellness and mental health benefits. I would like to continue to do so if possible. It has been 4 or 5 months since the HPPD started and my symptoms have not worsened. I am wondering if there is anyone that has this condition that still can smoke weed without Ill effect? Is it feasible that I could continue to do this?

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If you're absolutely sure that you have visual snow and HPPD symptoms, I would recommend that you stay away from weed, as it really does hinder your chances of recovery.

I found that after I quit weed I had less severe symptoms of depersonalization and derealization than when I did smoke weed. I also found that smoking weed would hugely intensify my HPPD.

By the sounds of it, your HPPD isn't debilitating either, so why not stick out staying sober for a while, maybe you'll get better in time - then smoke away after you've recovered. That's what I'd do in your shoes. :)

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I used to thrive on weed.  That is until I realized that I had contracted this disorder.   I can't touch it, and haven't for a long time.  Weed makes my visuals act up and puts the rational mind into a tailspin.  Weird, it's legal where I live now and I have zero interest. 

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