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TORONTO | Has anyone ever met someone in person with the same visual experience?

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I'm wondering if anyone's met with someone in person to compare what they are seeing at the same time. Would we see the same patterns? My patterns are so solid I can interact with them, actually feel them--or so my subconscious is telling me :)

I started paying more attention to the spots, which I've seen all my life, during a 10 day meditation. But during the quiet, I started to pick out set patterns. I can get up, walk around them and they appear the same from one side to the next. I'm talking bout the "vortexes," when the "phosphenes" spin in circles along a thin line. I can also change their spin axis by inserting my hands in at different angles and can often feel the spin on my hands. Or I may just be going crazy ;)

Either way, it would be good to know for sure if the patterns are universal at some level, because that would be the start of something altogether different!

Thanks for your time! 


(BTW, I haven't used hallucinogens in decades. Just FYI :) )

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I've met other people with some signs of hppd, but only ever quite mild visual snow. Not the geometric visual storm that we seem to be blessed with!

I know exactly what you mean by vortexs... I've described them as digital tornados before, especially noticeable along the top of a tv or screen.

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I know exactly what you mean by being able to "feel" your hppd. I have nerve tension (as I call it) that directly mimicks my visual symptoms, but as the sensation of touch in my nerves.

My rationalization of this is that the brain is ultimately what controls your nerves, and as you probably vividly remember during your trip, your trip brought on numerous bodily sensations ultimately linking LSD's moa to your entire body. So having hppd, your body is actually somewhat linked to your hppd resulting in you being able to feel aspects of your hppd.


As far as what we feel, see and perceive being the same, that's highly doubtful, for example, I have hppd, and when I take MDMA (which I've only done a handful of times since the onset) my hppd symptoms completely 'line up' as it were. That meaning that the entirety of my hppd symptoms stop being the crazy hellstorm of visual snow and chaos that they are, and become completely in tune with my mind and my body. When I take MDMA, for a few short hours, my hppd wholely and completely attenuates the MDMA high without in any way shape or form being a nuisance.

Im so certain in this experience in fact, that when im on MDMA, I can smoke copious amounts of weed and the weed has absolutely zero effect on my hppd. 

This concoction is really quite fantastic for me, especially since it's much like revisiting the days that I used to be able to freely get high despite the fact that I have hppd, but be certain I do pay the consequences the next day(s)


That being said - maybe were part of a giant mindscape, a simulation as it were - and LSD and hppd symply give our brain the ability to outline or highlight the neurological functionality or method of action of the mindscape that we live in? 😉 Haha. I wouldn't go that far. 


TL;DR, we all experience visual symptoms on an entirely seperate axis from one another - it all boils down to specific neurosciences and environmental/perceptual factors.

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Yes definitely, my friend and I both developed hppd around the exact time as each other and we would both be able to point out random visual disturbances to each other and we’d literally be seeing the exact same shit. It didnt help at first, but I was young and scared. we were always spinning each other out and whatever new symptom one of us got it would always feel like the other person then developed that so in the end we just stopped talking about it altogether and that helped a lot. 

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