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Unique Symptoms


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Hey guys, I just wanted to explain how my HPPD affects me because I've read a lot of symptoms on several forums and I think I have some unique ones.

Background info, I messed around with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds 2.5 years ago, I've taken acid twice roughly 1.5 years ago, and I have not stopped smoking weed since acquiring HPPD. (First noticed symptoms around a month after taking acid)

Let me know what you guys think. 

I have all of the generic symptoms. I could go on and on but stuff like visual snow, tracers, after images, light sensitivity, varying degree of intensified colors, surfaces warping, closed eye visuals, etc etc.

But here's some of the weird ones that I have.

---Orange and Blue outlines on the edges of every object. 

This depends on what angle I'm looking at the object at through my glasses, and I think it is a subset of ghosting. With my glasses off it's harder to tell the orange and blue lines are there, but when I put my glasses on and look at the object in the edge of my vision, there is either a very very defined blue or dark orange line. I generally can't see the orange and blue lines at night because it is only when there is excess light and high contrast in my surroundings. 

---Vision shaking

This generally happens when I'm mid smoke-sesh (with weed), or when I have anxiety. It pops up randomly and it's usually (almost always) when I'm looking down at my phone. I also feel this weird anxiety rush sort of thing when it happens. 

---Edges of objects are less defines/screen tearing

When looking at an object, the edges almost look like theyre tearing onto the surface that is behind it. I really don't know how to explain it, it's funky. 

Also, when I'm just going about my day, sometimes I get this screen-tearing like visual where it looks like the image in front of me was processed incorrectly, but it is always very very quick. This also may just be a result of afterimages making stuff look weird. 

---Seeing Rainbows

If I'm looking at a grid like pattern, or any repeating pattern for that matter and I half focus on it with my eyes, I see the pattern warp and turn into different blurry forms of itself, and I generally see this rainbow-y static that literally forms into rainbows on walls. Even while walking, I remember I had just smoked like 10 minutes earlier and I looked at the ground in front of me to see a faint rainbow trail on the concrete zoom in front of me on the path which I was to walk. Kinda quirky stuff. 

Let me know if you have similar odd symptoms, I would like to hear about them. 




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i get outlines.. but green and blue

vision shaking, not sure... more like flashing/flickering, but it does seem like micro judders in my visions too. Last two, i don't get.

Smoking weed is not gonna help though

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I also have many symptoms of visual snow for the past 2 years. Most of them have stopped or maybe my brain got used to them. One of the most disturbing symptoms is orange and blue outlines on object edges, especially with strong sunlight and shade. Didn't believe i would hear about more people that share this strange symptom.


Wish you all well

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