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  • 3 weeks later...

THC induced hppd is kinda like fishing in cement.

id go for the phrase burn-out... thc does not cause hppd, and even in my heaviest days of usage pre-hppd did it get me even near HPPD like visuals.

im not gonna start a debate, i honestly dont got the anger for that shit anymore, but you need to reconfigure ur dance with those lines. THC will cause DP/DR, anxiety disorders, perma-lethargy.. all sorts of shit... HPPD.. not in a million tokes in a sitting.

you were starting to make sence after all the stimulator nonsence that 'expert' is pushing on you.

"after dropping acid several more times your brain will without question get damaged because you keep pushing your brain away from a healthy balance. "

without question is harsh, study on the willing participants in Project MKULTRA the cia conducted, where instead of the uninformed ... lsd doseing, these guys were dosed for MONTHES, and a few who talk about it say nothing of lasting effects. LSD was eventually dismissed by MKULTRA's researchers as too unpredictable in its results, then illegalized for this reason...that or the hippy movment they were overwhelmed by.. ur choice ;)

LSD and similar common psychedelics do not work like common drugs of abuse, METH COCA HEROIN(even THC) etc work by a mimic of transmitters, Classic' Psychedelic hallucinogens set off a natural chemical reaction the brain coulda got to in the first place (lsd is just the ticket, it has characteristic effects for sure and even i cant denie that, but the LSD is 99.9% out of your body before you even feel the first fundamental peak.. so your basicly saying our brain can naturally damage itself, which is true.. but im more for the side of that reaction never fully stopping, so yes a unhealthy balance, but the word damage gets thrown around alot with hppd and if anything my iq, mindset ...all of the above mentally improved with the constant abuse of LSD(its even considered a smart-drug) .. i feel flashbacks are something anyone can have(cause our brain is hardwired with psychedelics naturally) just oldschool psychedelic abusers find a familiar state when they enter the 'flashback' and blame the dose. i say all this cause imbalance(i agree) damage(very thin) unless you feel anything outside the norm is damage. (there are many people who fast and keep themselfs awake for extended periods of time to acheive a natural psychedelic effect(that yes, rivals lsd.), this can NOT be ignored when studying LSD and HPPD.

"Let's say your brain was wired a certain way that when you did LSD...your neurotransmitters (brainchemistry) started to become imbalanced. I mean LSD or any other given drug with some psychoactive effect can't be good for everyone, can it?"

is a great quote btw. im not trashing you, knowledge is power. GABA receptors btw, have nothing to do with HPPD. has alot to do with Anxiety, etc.

"So I'm sure all you people out there have heard of stories of people take prescribed drugs such as Lexapro, Paxil, Zoloft and getting HPPD."

visual snow is not hppd.

all in all well thought into.

just to be clear im not pro-lsd for everyone, know your mind, know your body... know your substance... what did alot here think they were getting into with lsd? i was the kind who was misinformed without the ready knowledge the net has today and thought lsd was toxic as fuck and i could die any dose and still ate it everyday(at 13 years old till around 15, then used 3 times a week before the drought, nowadays i just do it to be sitters for friends who wana do it or do it often, cause honestly its been years since it became predictable as fuck and unintresting repeated thoughtloops tho i still really enjoy movies on it ;) ). if your heart wasnt in it, i feel sorry for you.. some people call lasting mind effects of LSD (not hppd) OPENMINDING and changed them for the better. that same openmind also has driven many lsd users who didnt have their heart in it to suicide, lifelong mental disorganization and pretty much being part of the crowd wasnt a good choice at that point.. this is alot to do with being PUSHED, FORCED to see yourself as you are, not as you were raised, to some people ignorance is bliss.. and when its taken from you... earthquake.

tho i have sympathy for the unknowenly dosed, cut pills which contain a chem that they didnt want or some dick at a party spikeing the punch with POWERFUL shit..

but for the rest of us, what was our original reason for trying lsd... did it not blow your mind. ;) hehe

1hit of lsd saved me from being a street thug pos, im forever grateful for the wisdom in that first hit... the other trips after- were just trying to understand something no man could grasp and intentionally reprogramming myself into a un-modded human being, as well as understanding myself more then most people do in a lifetime.. When i got back from the festival of my first dose i had to write on my wall, everything i was raised to beleive and have beleived is all a lie. FREE

i repeat. LSD is not for everybody. seekers. thats it.

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