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Anxious and need help


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Hi ,, my depression is manageable these days but I’m struggling with high anxiety that effect my work and obsession about visuals i have very mild motion blindness and VS ,, is there way to treat anxiety related  to hppd ? Im looking for tofisobam (atypical benzo) I heard that it doesn’t have any addiction properties 

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Would you describe the visuals you have?  I have visuals as well. If I understand the kind of visuals you have, perhaps I can relate.

As for anxiety, I guess there are a lot of ways you can approach that.  All I can say is what I've done.  Staying clean and keeping focused is what got me through.  Reading, studies, learning a new skill, etc. Helped me a lot.  Why?  Because when I'm focused I'm not anxious and I don't hallucinate.  I'm also big on meditation.  Anyone who reads my posts (there might be one or two) knows I often bring up meditation.  It's just mental focus, but it helped this old fool.

Take care, never give up.

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Weird!  My visuals are very different.  It's like I have extreme visual pattern recognition.  Goes to show, we're all different and these chemicals can leave us with very different symptoms.

Do your visuals come and go?  Are there times, certain activities perhaps, where you don't see the world as a set of frames (if I understand it correctly)?

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