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What's the main differences between Visual Snow Syndrome & HPPD?

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I never had heard of "visual snow" until I found this forum.  Hppd, at least the way I understand it, is a spectrum disorder.  A little different for each of us.  

Early on my symptoms were hallucinations, anxiety, and Close Eyed Visuals.  Over the decades the anxiety let go and the CEVs finally vanished.  I still have the hallucinations and I'll probably have those for the rest of life.

I think visual snow is a symptom that some people get but not all  A segmental of the spectrum so to speak.

I hope that made sense.  Just my perspective you understand.  I'm not an hppd expert.

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to clarify... visual snow is a dampening of the vision.. diabetes.. some say some prescription pills... many things cause vision issues.. HPPD is a psychedelic poster.. sitting still.. starring at a solid white wall.... if you don't see 'colorful' geometrix blanketing the non-textured solid white paint.... then id say.. if im wrong and I may be.. that your way better off then I am.... and id wonder if , and I say this with very much experience...…………………..


that you may be ok, just growin up, took some psychedelic hallucinogen.... and are afraid and really..... hypocondria searchin.. the net these days... lol.. type some symptoms and your gonna find a bad answer.. this is a good thing, could be a better answer! don't stick to a self diagnosis if you were permafried homie.. youd know.. no question.

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