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Four-year Anniversary


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Good morning! 

Today I've remembered my first topic here. 4 years ago. :o

Hello, my name is Felipe, I'm 19, and I think I have HPPD, I'm from Brazil, and here the doctor shortage as psychedelic affairs is extreme. 
It all started 1 month ago when ingested two quarters of LSD and smoked marijuana, I had a very bad trip, the symptoms were only stop 16 hours later in hospital, after taking diazepam 10mg. Since then my vision is altered, especially in the dark, I have illusions if I pay much attention, and I see little red around the black with contrast white. 
I wonder how do I know if I have HPPD? 
My shrink prescribed me 1mg of risperidone overnight, and sertraline 50mg per day. 
I feel I'm improving little by little, with bright light I almost do not see the symptoms, but the dark is horrible. 
Thank you!

Well, After all this time, after everything I've did, after all I've cried, after everything I've hated, after all I've died, after all I've researched, after all I've took, after everything I've tried, after all my life have change, I'm just passing to say: "I'm finally better after all". 

It will go better, don't blame yourself because of this. Let the time do your job, and stay out of all kind type of drugs (including medications and legal drugs).

I'm here if you need help.

Be great!


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On 4/9/2018 at 0:12 AM, scaredhuman said:

Hey Felipe, that's awesome news!

I was wondering, what do you think has helped you the most throughout this?

Thanks :)

My acceptance that this condition is not the end of the world.

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