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HPPD, XTC and Anxiety.

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Hey guys.

Im 19 and last weekend (4 days ago) i used ecstasy for the first time. I took less then 1/4 of a pill and 3 hours later 1/4 again. At most it was half a pill (not tested, i know thats really stupid). 

I have done weed before but between every smoke there was about 1 to 2 weeks break.

Now my questions is do i have hppd?
The moment i woke up the next day of taking ecstasy i was scared that something was wrong with me. I had some blurred vision and a bit of a headache. So i started looking online and found out about HPPD. Now i am trying to see if i have the symptomsbthey discribe and guess what? i do have some of the symptoms.

I have the visual snow one but only if i focus on it but yea its still scaring me.

I do have afterimages but only when i look in really bright lights and itbonly stays for 0.5 second. 

And some bright car light have like this star shape but i think i had that as a child aswell.

So yeah what do you guys think?

I also want to mention that during the trip i didnt halucinate so im not sure if i eveb can get hppd without having halucinated. And the trip was good.

The thing im most scared about is that i will never be able to drink a beer and smoke weed again. (i read that people with hppd cant to that anymore cause it increase the symptoms).

What i dont have is things morphing in stuff and i dont halucinate. I dont feel disconnected with myself.

Am i overthinking stuff or what?

Thanks for reading,

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20 minutes ago, Piter said:

Broo pls xd u are fine :D you started recognizing symptoms after reading abiut hppd, right? ;)

yes i did. and i am pretty sure i had visual snow as a kid aswell. But its still freaking me out. (im know to obsess about a lot of things, i have ocd) but its sucks.. i have the idea i will never be able to enjoy a beer or joint again...


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Give yourself some time.  The day after, or shortly after, a mind expanding experience you can have lingering after effects.  Stay clean for a while and chances are you'll level back out.  Try not to spend too much time focusing on what might be a symptom.  As humans we have all sorts of anomolies that are often perfectly normal.  

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