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So this stuff seems to do the exact opposite of what I intended—it keeps me up all night. I’ve trialed it for a few days now in hopes that effect would fade and lead to better sleep but unfortunately that has not happened. 


I imagine if taken during the day it would be quite nice. Boosts my energy without feeling like I have some sort of stimulant in my system. 



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Thank you! As for another update—this stuff effects me strangely since I took sarcosine. Now I get side effects :( headache and irritability that lasts for a week or so starting the day after injection. But it does increase my motivation which is nice. I’m more engaged with the world around me. Especially socially. The only problem is I’m an asshole. A funny asshole but still an asshole (people have told me I’m hilarious and brutal the week after taking it haha). 


Seems to give me muscle tension too. Have no idea what the MoA is for these things but they don’t seem to be permanent so that’s a good sign. 


I say it feels different after the sarcosine but it could also be a medication interaction. Bupoprion tends to make me really pissed off at the world sometimes so it might be they are working synergistically. Perhaps I will try it sans Wellbutrin when I get the chance. I find if I take very small doses (10mcg) I can retain some of the productivity benefits without rousing my ire too much. 


Ive thought of selank yea; it’s definetely on my list of things I want to try. I’m just very timid about trying new things to be honest so it takes me a while to get around to them. I’m going over to Europe from America in a few weeks and I don’t want to push the envelope should I have a nasty reaction. 

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