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DSIP (Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide)

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So I began a trial of DSIP yesterday. 

Dosed 100mcg. At first I felt a warming sensation in my buttocks. Quite nice. Legs felt comfortable.


then I took a large hit of my ecig and had 20 seconds of extreme anxiety that completely disappeared after. Quite odd. 

Took another 100mcg to see if it would happen again. It did not!


slept wonderfully that night. Only woke up twice and the sleep seemed deeper.


day 2:

dosed 200mcg. No warm butt or leg feels. About to go to bed. Will report in sleep tomorrow. 


So far, seems pretty shape for use in HPPD in this study of one haha.

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So Ive concluded that this stuff is pretty safe (for me at least) in the short term. Can’t speak to long term use. It’s highly effective at deepening sleep. Almost too effective... it seems to make me a bit groggy the next day and worsens some of my flat affect symptoms. But it also stabilizes my mood. I’m pretty sensitive to the stuff though I don’t believe others would find they have such side effects. 


As a supplement i I give this an B+. It kicks insomnia and frequent waking in the ass. Doesn’t seem to be particularly habit forming physically. If it didn’t make me groggy the next morning when I’m trying to get out of bed it would get an A+.

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Like to update these things periodically to report whether long term usage has been working out. So far, DSIP has been working for me but tolerance is an issue. I go on for a few days and take a week off. One thing I’ve noticed is it’s REALLY great for pain. I’ve experienced no sort of withdrawal that I’ve noticed. Here’s a link to some evidence for the reasons behind the pain relief and usage during withdrawals from alcohol and opiates:

Therapeutic effects of delta-sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) in patients with chronic, pronounced pain episodes. A clinical pilot study.




Successful treatment of withdrawal symptoms with delta sleep-inducing peptide, a neuropeptide with potential agonistic activity on opiate receptors.



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