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Weird wet feeling


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When I was on Ac40dmt I had the constant feeling that water trickling down my leg in a stream. I had a flashback to my trip around 4 months ago, and it was only some of the visuals along with some dp/dr, and I panicked and I've been seeing some patterns ever since. However I was finally recovering, my Anxiety was getting better and I was able to basically ignore the visuals. But then on my way home in the car from a trip for family day weekend, I had another bout of anxiety, and than around three days later the same trickly feeling from my trip started again, and has given me much more Anxiety than the original HPPD, as I thought HPPD couldn't include physical sensations. I feel like I'm spiraling and don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone before or is it common? I think the entire sensation was created by my anxiety to make me uncomfortable, but i'm not sure whats happening.


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I don't know what version of DMT Ac40dmt is but that family of chemicals are incredibly powerful.  When I used DMT I remember this intense feeling best described as electrical overload running up my spine.  For a few weeks or so after using DMT I would periodicall experience a similar sensation and it would really give me the "creeps".   I would also see little blips of colored light but that would only last a few days if memory serves.  

I looked it up but I can't tell if it's DMT or some other analog.  There are so many variations out there now.  Things used to be a lot more simple. ... back in my day (insert Grandpa Simpson's voice)

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My hppd has a trippy physical component. But when my anxiety went down about 90% the physical stuff stopped. It's anxiety.

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