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Keppra (NAME BRAND ONLY) cured my HPPD after 15 years


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So I haven't been to this forum in years. I think I joined over 12+ years ago. I used to be very active here. I am writing this for all the new generation eager for a possible solution. I never thought I would find a cure but I did.


I suffered from severe LSD induced HPPD and DP/DR since I was 17 I am now 35. I have tried everything and nothing helped. I have read the research been to Boston you name it. It ruined my entire 20s and high school years, I always felt not myself and had massive floaters and tracers. It was like being on a low dose of LSD. Like a bad trip that never ended. I was living in a nightmare that no one understood.

From 2010 to 2012 I decided I was gonna find a cure or end up killing my self. I heard some people mention mild sucess with Keppra and convinced my doc to script me. I tried generic and it didn't help made me feel worst, I had read reports on net about people who take Keppra and some mention of huge difference between name brand and generics. I tried every single generic of this drug that is out there and none helped at all and had bad side effects.

As a last ditch effort in 2012 I gave name brand a try and BOOM not long after my symptoms of visual disturbance and feelings of depersonalization began to fade. I took x2 500mg tabs a day along with low dose xanax as needed.

Long story short I am happy to say HPPD is a distant memory now and I get all my name brand Keppra free as part of a program they have for people that can't afford. I usually only take one 500mg tab a day and if I miss a few days the tracers start coming back and that feeling of being in another reality like I'm back in acid hits. Soon as I take a Keppra it relieves my symptoms 100% (benzo helps as a combo).

So this is for anyone looking for a drug to try to help them as I litteraly never visit this site anymore. For those who tried Keppra generic with no luck I can't stress enough I had zero relief it has to be NAME BRAND!!!! 

Even though I have plenty of problems in my life now due to lasik surgery complications I can't tell you how fuking nice it is to be my old self again and not have HPPD! I am a completely different person and it's all thanks to Keppra name brand and small doses of benzo. I find you don't even need a high dose, 500mg a day and I'm good. But I can't stress enough this was not the case at all with the generics. 

Hope this post helps someone. One last thing is I am also able to smoke pot and drink alcohol again without aggrevating my symptoms like it used too, which I don't recommend but I use cannibus for neurapathy. If your smoking recreationally you need to quit.

The Keppra name brand is litteraly like a magic pill for me. Hopefully it is for some of you guys suffering too.

Find a way to give it a try. Best of luck!

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16 hours ago, K.B.Fante said:

I don't get it. If it cured you in 2012 why are you just posting now?

It was more around 2013 year I finally got established relief but basically because visiting this site is depressing as fuk and I was busy starting a business and raising a family along with dealing with new health complications that consumed my life and caused just as much pain and anguish as HPPD did due to lasik surgery complications.

With that said who gives a chit why I'm posting now? Are you trying to imply something against my lack of character? It would have been easy to forget about this site all together instead of taking time to post my results in an effort to help someone who might benefit from this treetment as much as I have. 

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10 hours ago, Blackbart1720 said:

Do you think you’ll have to take Keppra indefinitely or will it over time tone hppd symptoms permanently. I’ve head some say they have to keep taking it while others were cleared up over six months to a year and tapered of of Keppra. Maybe it depends on severity of th hppd or physiology of the individual.

I can't speak for everyone but there is no question for me this is not going away, it will most defiantly be something that only manages symptoms along with a benzo. Together they seem to work really well, again I only had any sort of sucess with the name brand, I tried around 5 generics and each made me feel different and none helped symptoms (except for Teva which they discontinued). 

So yeah I would say it's life long treatment for sure, but your mileage may vary. If I quit taking it for a day or two I notice all my tracers and static noise coming back along with feelings of DP/DR.



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Swim used lsd sever times in the 90s with no hppd or negative effects. Than twenty years later (two years ago) Swim took less than a micro dose of clean but highly deluded lsd. While on it Swim did not trip and could barely tell Swim took anything, in fact if it was given to Swim without swims knowledge Swim would not have noticed it. About a week later Swim started to develop a buzzing head, crippling anxiety, insomnia and than panic attacks that would wake swim up in the middle of the night. Around this time swims vision went to hell with double images of lights at night, floaters, mild afterimages, Tinnitus and light sensitivity but no visual snow (Swim knows the visual symptoms pale in comparison to yours and others). The hard core anxiety and waking panic attacks lasted about 3 or 4 months and the intense insomnia lasted for about 7 months and never fully went away. The visual symptoms reduced about by about 20-30% and seem to have plateaued. Swims mind is still racing, like it’s misfiring and swim can’t meditate cuz swims brain won’t quit (Swim could easily quiet his mind with meditation and swim did it on the reg before the event). Swims brain always feels like it’s clenched or in a fight or flight mode that has become the norm. The worst part is Swim dosent feel any joy or any of the feelings that added emotional color to swims life. Swims not sure if it’s hppd or from anxiety, like a ptsd type of anxiety. BTW Swim doesn't smoke pot or use any other drugs. 


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Yeah one thing to keep in mind is hallucinogenic drugs even plant based can cause depersonalization and derealization which can accompany HPPD almost always according to Dr. Abraham. I actually am subbed to a YouTuber who did some Indian ritual type drug and after the trip was left with lingering severe DP/DR that still affects him to this day. Like Jim Morrison said once the doors of perception are open, they can never be closed. 

Sounds like you are describing almost exactly feelings of DP/DR so I would almost say for sure that's what you are experiencing right now. My visuals (tracers,floaters, light sensitivity, etc) were never what really debilitated me it was the horrid feeling of anxiety and racy mind and just not feeling 'myself' that went with them. Pretty much exactly what you described. 

Also of relevance to you I have a young friend who took 9 hits of highly potent LSD and it did not hit him untoll two weeks later when he was rushed to the ER and now also has DP/DR as like you said DP/DR feels like a form of PTSD which leaves your mind in a constant state of fight or flight. That's how this all began for me, with a bad trip in the 90s that caused me to lose control and experience a sort of out of body experience that freaked me out.

The best thing anyone can have on hand when doing LSD is xanax or a benzo. I would argue it should be a requirement and I was told by another mid 20s friend who consumes and sells the stuff that is becoming a rule of thumb now days which is quite smart if you think about it because it could help calm the mind enough during these episodes that the trauma is not permanent since it clearly affects the same parts of the brain that hallucigens do science is now showing.

With all that said I can't say if this is going to be permanent for you or not but you have to assume it very well could be. These things are not easily reversed. Your best bet is to try and somehow convince a doc to script you some Keppra (which is primarily for DP/DR btw) and a low dose benzo to calm the mind. It's possible that taking this treatment along with spiritual practice can re rewire your brain before things become permanent. 


Hope that helps.


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Thank you and this is definitely very helpful. At first swim had solid dp/dr but as time goes there have be fleeting glimpses of what it felt like before the incident. Sometimes lasting minutes and a few of them were close to 100% of pre incident self. Thanks!

Swim also thinks that this can be reversed with hard work, determination and spheritual grounding. Keppra could be a big help as well.  Neural plasticity is a two way street it just takes time and persistence. Swim is giving it his all with the belief that swim can get his old self back. 




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Yeah that's great I hope you can sort it out. Honestly spiritual growth is something I always wanted to work on but never got around to fully embracing the lifestyle, I would be curious how you feel about it and how it affects your life and energy. I know how hard it can be to get a script for Keppra but I really feel it can help you so it's a shame swim might not be able to find out. Best of luck.

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Thank you very much for tour post!

I have been 15 years with HPPD without trying any meds, I am better but I still have some very bad days I am about to try Meds, will meet with a neurologist soon

I was wondering what protocol you used to begin with?

was it:

Kepra 500mg per day ?or two 500mg per day?

for how long without changing the dose?

Xanax (how much per day)?


Hope you are great

Best wishes



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I started on x2 500mg tabs a day. I don't think we need more than that for HPPD because it's a low end dose for Keppra but now I take as needed which is either X1 500mg day or x2 but I would say start with x2 or atl at work your way up to that dose. I have zero side effects but initially I hear it can have some. Those will go away. 

Klonomopin or xanax both would work well since she might feel comfortable doing klonomopin over xanax I would say 1-2mg per day should be ok on either.

print out the study's on this site showing her th science of it th xanax family of drugs affects the region of brain and calms the HPPD and together I find they managed my symptoms completely. I printed articles from this site showing the science and user experience to let my doc try maybe that will help you. Also for Keppra make sure you demand name brand. It's more expensive but makes world of difference. Worst case you can try for a while than try generic and see if still works. But if you try generic you will never know if bad effects are from generic or drug itself. Hope that helps good luck.

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