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Not sure if I have hppd or getting hppd

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I took hppd about 2 months ago and ever since I’ve been very aware of what I’m seeing. Like at night when I’m in the car driving, I’m not sure if it’s been there before but street lights or any sort of light kinda has a glare to it, like very shiny and has like a glow to it. I’ve noticed that when I look at the moon. There’s another moon next to it but half of the size, like a glare. I suck at explaining but am I getting hppd or is all this normal? I’ve been stressing over This for a while now and I’m going to a psychologist to get checked out. 


I forgot to mention that I only taken lsd once. I’ve only smoked weed before . 

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Give yourself some time.  Even a single dose of acid can change your perception for a while.  My advice is to stay clean at least for a while.  Chances are your symptoms will moderate over time.  

I'm no doctor but what you're describing when you look at the moon may be an eye condition.  I'd get that checked out.  

Take care of yourself and hang in.

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