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Valerian root

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Hello friends, I researched the topics about medications, but found few things about valerian. On some sites it says to be useful for hppd, but here I do not find people saying conclusively that valerian is really useful. In my case, I think that if improving my anxiety / depression will already be a lot of help. I await your reports, tnks ^_^.

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10 hours ago, K.B.Fante said:

I thought it made my symptoms worse but I can't say exactly because I was taking other things at the same time. It's not gonna heal your HPPD, if that's what you're asking. Might help you sleep better though. 

It would not be a cure, but I have seen many reports that it helps with anxiety, and that helps a lot. At the moment I do not use any medicine, sometimes I do not think I really need it, but it would be a medicine to think about making use of. Thanks for your response.

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Valerian root shares a similar mechanism of action with benzodiazepine drugs. Benzodiazepines bind to the gamma subunit while valerian binds to the beta subunit on GABA-A receptors. What difference in effects this causes, Im not entirely sure. However, I believe it should be approached with caution and taken in the same way as a benzo (sparingly and never habitually). Don't delude oneself by thinking tollerance and withdrawal cant occur with this drug because all signs point to yes if you just do some google searches.

I find its great for sleep, however it results in a manic state followed by a horrific increase in anxiety a few days later. I should not be used as a good example for whether this is a safe drug however, as I also have other concomitant disorders such as PAWS from gaba agonists and receptor modulators and thus can have withdrawal like symptoms from even short term use. 

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