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Do I have hppd?


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Hey everyone, decided it might be a good idea to ask some people who have it and see their opinion so here goes.

About six to seven months ago I went on this spree of taking shrooms non stop, I bought about an ounce of them and ended up doing around half of that in one month I was micro dosing everyday and on the weekends would do about an eighth on Saturdays and Sundays. I did this for around a month and even some time after that I did them around three more times shortly after. I've been a weed smoker for three years , smoking constantly everyday probably around two to three grams daily and would mix tobacco with my bowls for a greater head rush also was drinking pretty greatly while I would do this and I did this for around three years. I did mdma/Molly once with a buddy which has probably been around a year ago. Anyway here's the symptoms and issues I've been experiencing since then.


•head pressure and tension type headaches(mostly around the scalp,eyes and ears) 


•pretty bad dp/dr (gets worse at night)

•increased anxiety and panic attacks 

•bad visual snow/static vision 

•brightening of colors/color intensity 

•shaky hands and legs(almost like tremors) 

•constantly feeling like I'm in a dream state / everything looks kinda fake

•wavy lines and if I stare at something for like 30 seconds it starts to pulsate or having a breathing type effect to it 

•depression has worsened 

•people look sorta strange at the face/distorted including myself when looking in the mirror. 

•ghosting images/imprints, halos and bursts of like red and purple in my vision in circular pattern, peripheral vision is kinda distorted, colors will tend to look like other colors sometimes(blue will look purple for example)

•change in heart beat like palpitations

•things appear smaller or larger than they really are

That's pretty much the main stuff, I've been having this for a little longer than a month, I've been on amitriptyline for anxiety and headaches and it seems to help a little with the anxiety at night. It's been pretty troublesome and I haven't been able to go in public all that much in fear the symptoms will worsen and I'll panic. Does this sound like hppd? Or something worse? Any advice on how to cope or get better? No doctors seems to really know shit about it around here. If anyone has any tips and pointers on how to deal with this please let me know. It's pretty hard to deal with so far. 


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Hey so yes I've stopped smoking been off it for probably a little more than three weeks and have noticed some slight positive changes since. And same! If I'm even around my friends who smoke I start to notice negative side effects just from that as well. Any tips on how to get feeling better ? 

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Be patient and give yourself some time.  As others have posted, stay clear of psychoactive substances.  You haven't dosed excessively so chances are good your symptoms will start to moderate.  For me, getting and staying focused helped a great deal.  School, work, hobbies, exercise routines, etc.  For anxiety, daily meditation practice has been a life saver.  

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Alright thank you, some people say Klonopin and some other meds help immensely? If after giving it a good while and symptoms don't recede is there anything worth trying or should I just stick to more natural methods like meditation and exercise in hope that will help after awhile 

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Natural methods is the approach I took.  When I was younger I used to drink but that was a dead end.  Medications seem to very helpful to some.  Personally I don't trust them and don't trust myself with them.  I've mentioned meditation in many of my posts.  I keep bringing it up because I can't imagine life without it.  

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