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Hppd at 15.


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Im 15. Around febuary i took half a tab of al-lad. Which from talking to peers i now know was probs a dodgy batch. The trip was intense, and while not bad in all senses, i was stuck in thought loops quite often, got weird movements with that, the trip lastes around 15 hours, but i fell asleep still tripping. Ive had symptoms of hppd for around 8 months now and am stuggling to cope. Any advice or support would be really welcomed ? xxx

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I'll say what I've said before.  Stay sober.  At a minimum stay clear of psychedelics including cannabis.  Get a physical checkup.  It can't hurt and perhaps you can rule out any other issues.  Get focused.  Put as much focus as you can into the things you like, or need to get done.  If you're dealing with anxiety I highly suggest a yoga or meditation practice.  Meditation helped me a lot.  I gather you haven't dosed too many times.  It's very probable that your symptoms will moderate over time.  Finally, be kind to yourself.  You haven't done anything wrong.  You've simply sustained an injury doing something that millions of people try at one point in their lives.  

ONE more thing.  I started dosing just before my 14th birthday.  If I had stopped then I don't think I would have been stuck with this condition.  You're young, your mind is still growing.  Use that to your advantage by staying sober.

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One more thing
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@Saff I remember the point in my life when I realized "this isn't going away".  It's really hard to come to terms with having this disability (In my case, I consider it a disability).  I also remember the.point at which I decided that it wasn't going to get the best of me.  I think that determination is in all of us if we can find it within ourselves.  Understand that you can live a good life even with hppd.  Sorry to sound so preachy.  Part of being old I guess.

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