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Hey there everyone.

I wondered if anyone else ever got vertigo or slightly slurred speach?

Sometimes I have these symptoms however aswell as having HPPD. However I have also developed hypochriosis (probably through worrying about new symptoms) and sometimes I wonder how much is HPPD and how much is my hypochondriosis creating symptoms through shear anxiety and mind control.

I regularly find that unlike others caffeine doesnt effect my visuals, infact sometimes it reduces them (probably because im feeling alot more positive). However if I have too much coffee, red bull etc, I end up with mild vertigo and have to hold on to things to steady myself, which in turn brings on panic and anxiety.

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No vertigo, but some people with HPPD get misdiagnosed with vertigo.

I regularly find that unlike others caffeine doesnt effect my visuals, infact sometimes it reduces them

Don't have a problem with coffee, nor any noticable benefits for visuals

FYI -- Coffee (caffeine) stimulates acetylcholine. This is the main 'desired' effect. However, some on the forum have problems with caffeine. It should be noted that there needs to be a balance between acetylcholine and dopamine, otherwise it can cause a lot of trouble, particularly bad anxiety. From a medical standpoint, a doctor never mixes meds that lower dopamine and increase dopamine. They may lower both (schizophrenia) or they may increase dopamine and lower acetylcholine (Parkinson's)

Perhaps for those whom caffeine bothers, it might be an indication they need more dopamine.

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i think hppd in my experience threw my eyes and physical reactions is almost a constant vertigo since nothing is stable.. when im on top of a building i cant find my balance at all, no fear of heights etc.. just mental/visual overload from said disorder.

HPPD is like living underwater, constantly moving, id pay good money for 12 hrs of clear walls, cause itd be as much of a trip as lsd was first. (ive lived half my life with hppd now, 14-15years) i dont really recall what it was like not to be caught in a current, spinning feelings cause those with full-blown hppd.... NOTHING is still.... the clearest picture i get visually, is on TV's and monitors, as its hard to hallucinate to a flickerrate.. tho the visuals are still present on screen but //behind my monitor... ha.

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