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  1. 11 years with this crap. Trails/Afterimages continue to graduaLLY GET WORSE. I see them pretty bad durin the day now. 6 years or so ive had disequilibrium. 24/7 i feel like im on a boat. Anyone else feel like this? I dont know wtf is causing it and idk which doctor to goto. Ive dealt with it for too long, Some days are worse than others. I hate not feeling solid on my feet. .75 mg Klonopin for about 6 years
  2. Forgot to add that i dont realy get anxiety anymore, i used to get it so bad all the time, but i have conquered it mostly. And I am i heavy computer user, especially in the winter, something tells me that the computer monitor is making my trails worse, but idk because i wont use the computer for a few days and i dont see any effect but lets say i am on the computer for 6-8 hours after i am done i will notice my trails are 25-35% worse temporaily.
  3. Ive had this crap for 11 years. Can someone explain to me why my visual trails have progressively gotten worse over the years at a constant pace. I used to be able to drive at night now it is getting very hard to do. During the day now i see trails on stuff that i never used to see them on. I mentally count how long i see afterimages on different things and have written it down, and they are definatley longer over the years. I have things i use to measure how long my trails are and i would say every year they get 10% worse. Is my vision goin to be one long trail in a few years? Dp, floaters,
  4. Ive felt like ive been rocking on a boat for 6 years. Some days are worse than others.
  5. snowy vision? does it look like static?
  6. no, i would go see an eye doctor. sounds eye related. i wish i had that i would just keep one eye closed all day or wear a patch lol.
  7. Just a thought what if we all had like a conference and all met each other shared our stories and stuff. Maybe one day in the summer here in the states somewhere. I think it could do alot of good. What do you guys think.
  8. well my head use to feel pressure like that when it first began that subsided with time for me. Maybe the klonopin helped it
  9. What happened to the old board?? That place was like a journal to me. I wrote so much stuff that i used for reference. Can anyone tell me why it got deleted and if anyone has the database.
  10. what happened to the old board? is all the information and posts lost?
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