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Minor hppd

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What's up y'all, so I've been into psychedelics until april after a shroom trip. The trip was good, however I got really sick the day after (may of not been induced by the shrooms) and was caughing up phlem that had blood in it. So I needed to call a doctor after this situation occurred. On the other hand, the hppd didn't set off until I went to a festival and had a joint to myself. I had a major anxiety attack after smoking it, and my vision was not 100% while it happened. I knew deep down that I was fine, just had a major trip out. But after the festival, I was feeling extremely depressed and later noticed a slight bit of visual snow. After this occurred, I decided to be sober for the remainder of the semester. But the vision problems persisted. Ever since I've been feeling this way, I was not fully functional either.

My vision consists of afterimages when I see a bright light, eye floaters, and mild visual snow. 

Additionally, I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at a young age. But from what I know, psychedelics have been studied to help people with this condition. I'm fine with being autistic, but having vision that's not 100% feels very uncomfortable. Mostly because I'm worried that it won't be the same again. 

Past drug use consisted of antidepressants (zoloft), daily cannabis for three years. And in a period of 6 months I had two trips of acid (two tabs for both times), three salvia trips (worst trip ever), three shroom trips (which were all amazing). And ever since the last shroom trip, weed has never felt the same again. My weed highs consist of the same dysphoria as salvia, almost like a bad shroom trip. And my visual snow feels worse, on the other hand I don't always feel worse when I smoke. However, I'm taking a long break from weed until my minor hppd is entirely better. Unless this situation is chronic.

I stopped taking anti-depressants, and am taking 5-htps, st-johns wort just recently, and omega-3s. Along with a near daily workout. However, I drink fairly often so this will most likely slow my recovery. On the other hand my symptoms don't get worse when I drink. 

Just recently, I went to see an optometrist and he said my eyes were fine. So therefore I'm aware that the pathways of my visual processing have been fucked up.  

Just wanted to vent this because it's been bothering me these past couple of months.  My symptoms have not been getting better, and it's possible that medication also plays a role in this situation

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I would lay off the drugs completely. If you keep doing them, even weed, you will eventually develop chronic hppd and it could turn severe. And believe me, that's the last thing you want in this world.

I realized 2 years ago after having hppd for 6 years (at that point, 8 now) that I would have to retain a sober lifestyle for the rest of my life.

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Agreed.  Stay sober or at least give it a rest for awhile.  For me, I wasn't really happy until I stopped getting high (that includes alcohol).  I don't know if you have hppd but your symptoms sound reminiscent.  The fact that "weed never felt the same again" is what happened to me.  I didn't quit weed, it quit me.  You haven't tripped an excessive amount of times.  If you stay sober your symptoms are likely to moderate over time.  Hang in there!

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On 8/20/2017 at 4:35 AM, Cjb007 said:

Do u have dpdr 2

I believe so, I get panic attacks whenever I smoke ganj. But I don't have ootb experiences, just immense discomfort. I'm fine, I just don't want to live with static vision, afterimages and floaters for the rest of my life. There's gotta be a way to resolve that, because I'm tired of the lack of awareness on hppd. If only there was a cure. On the other hand I'm gonna see a neurologist sometime soon to determine what's going on. 

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