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Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I'm a student and I also work alot alongside school. I have experimented with a lot of drugs in the past and have developed considerably difficult anxiety and what I think could be HPPD. This has an effect on my life, work and school. I never had any problems with my drug usage until after I saw one of my best friend leap over a balcony during a mushroom trip. My visual symptoms are tracers, after-images, halos, also got tinnitus (although that was caused by a fireworks accident) but has been excacerbated by what I think is HPPD. My eyes are very sensitive to bright lights and I see bright flashes when staring at something bright, like the sky or my computer screen. I really want some answers because this is pretty frightening for me. I'm pretty much always anxious from day to day, and I was wondering if anxiety could make HPPD symptoms worse. I have researched a lot about these disorders but there isnt alot about HPPD anywhere. So I ask you, anxiety and HPPD = worse symptoms? Thanks in advance, any help is immensely appreciated! :)

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I think anxiety is one of the symptoms of hppd and anxiety can make symptoms worse.  Vicious circle.  I'm not saying I think you have it because I'm not qualified to make a diagnosis.  I've just had the condition for a long time.

Are you doing anything to address the anxiety?  School in an of itself can provoke anxiety.  I can't say anything about medication because I've never taken any for my symptoms (except alcohol for a while which was a BAD idea).  Meditation is what works for me.  It doesn't cost anything and you never need a refill.

If you haven't stopped using psychoactive substances that's a good first step.  Also, give yourself some time.  It's possible that your symptoms will moderate.  I often write the following.  I do so because I mean it.  Even if your symptoms linger you can live a productive and happy life.  Don't despair.

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