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I am 3rd year neuropsyc undergrad student in the north of england


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Hi all,

I am a 3rd year neuropscy undergrad in the north of england. I am studying new frontiers in biopsychology, what that means in english is... that I am looking at inovations in the techniques and technology of the fizzy bits that bounce round in the brain. I am writting to ask for your help. I have to complete a module, including a presentation and a portfoilo about a disorder that intrests me. HPPD intrests me!

I started college with a girl who became a great friend, we both got through college and were accepted to uni to study psychology. College for my friend been a struggle as she developed trouble reading and concentrating on text and got to the point that she was terribly unhappy with life, love and the world. She deferred for a year while the docs and opticians tried to fgure out what was wrong with her eye sight. They could not or would not diagnose her. Of course she did a lot of her own research and figured out that she had HPPD. The more that she tried to discuss this with her doc the more frustrated that she became as the docs over here have little or no knowledge of the disorder. so much to the point that two years ago she went to the states and was diagnosed by Dr Abrahams. only to discover that she can not get the drugs to treat her her in the uk. So she is in the process of get a doc to diagnose her with Dr Abrahams help so she can recieve the treatment here.

It has been a rollercoaster ride for her and I have helped along the way as best I could. I would like to know how difficult it has been for you to be diagnosed or even if you have been diagnosed. For the more techy of you what what techology was used ie mri,eeg, tomography. dont worry if i dont sound like i know what i am on about... I dont but i want to know. If Ididnt I would not ask.

so any thing would be useful.

P.s. I am looking at doing a masters and then on to a phd... I am hopeing this will be the start of some thing good, there appears to be so little in this field here in england to help anyone.


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First doctor I had (in England) just said I had depression and put my on Prozac, which turned into a nightmare. I told her that valium I had taken for a flight cleared up my vision and anxiety, but she was unable to look past the depression diagnosis. I can't really blame her, as she was just a GP. In hindsight, i'm glad that she didn't allow me onto Valium at 19 years old... I didn't have the will power I have now and would have soon been addicted.

My second doctor, where I live now, in Portugal, is a neurologist and has dealt with flashback cases since the late 70s... I took him in a bunch of papers about HPPD and he is now suitably convinced that this is what I have (and, interestingly, thinks this is also what his other patients had, that were referred to as flashbacks), He has since been very helpful with advice and medication.

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HPPD does not show up on MRI or EEG. There is evidence it shows on qEEG though. I don't know the specifics but the brain waves on qEEG for HPPD and qEEG for people on LSD are similar. Email david kozin, I am sure if he finds time to answer it will yield valuable information on the subject. I believe his thesis on the subject is accessible at least in some part if you wish to look it up.

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"HPPD does not show up on MRI or EEG". That's right but every hppd is diffrent as i know. My EEG showed some disorders after few strong anxiety attacks 2 years ago. That's bother me because i have strange symptoms after that to this day. My jaws are shaking 24h per day. I was thinking, is it part of my hppd now or this is other topic. Can HPPD evolve or something? in neurologic way, visuals are still the same

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