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its been a while so hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone's had any experiences with Phenibut? Ive been dabbling in it every now and then, and it's worked quite nicely in regards to anxiety. I take it once every two weeks before work and sometimes before social events. Hasn't improved nor worsened my symptoms but I can recommend this as an occasional supplement to those who's symptoms worsen with alcohol during such events. And great for sleep.

PS - update on recovery - I am nearly two years in with very minor improvements, however mine is so mild that my visuals (static and swirls) only occur at night. I question how much my HPPD is pre HPPD as I can ignore it.

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Yea I'm certain it was the phenibut. Classic GABA withdrawal stuff. Anxiety, inability to quiet the mind, racing thoughts. It was intense.

But no one should base their decisions off my experience tbh I've never had normal reactions to drugs and they seem to work on my mind for much longer periods than others. Can't explain it tbh.

I believe phenibuts half life is only like 5 hours but I know it can modulate GABA activity for long after it is excreted. Strange drug. It just seems to modulate mine for much longer.

Is my brain more plastic? Idk. I've often wondered if the reason I got HPPD is because my brain doesn't know how to return to homeostasis well.

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I wanted to add that I was on a SLEW of other supplements at the same time as trying it. It wasn't a fair trial. My use of racetams in particular could have affected it since those seem to do all sorts of wonky shit to drugs. So if anyone wanted to try this don't take me as an example. Be aware it can be habit forming though. So if it works, treat it like a benzo and use sparingly.

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