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HPPD Message Board Cost in Time and Money

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This last month has been very busy job interviewing and personal improvement time (including oral surgery!). This hosting service is set to be very restrictive of the Administration Panel, and I failed to enter the correct 30 letter password I use resulting in their main firewall blocking my static IP address. I feared the site was down, so I had one of the Admins post a request to help with finances and to warn of a possible outage. Two of our members stepped up, and quick paypal transaction and we are good until December 4th.

More info on the operation of the web site will be following.



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Let's look into how to transfer the data and get it working. The message board software is not open source, but there are converters to PHPBB and SMF, but need to make sure data transfer into MySQL server goes smoothly and then connect up with it. I also have the old board in a MySQL file.

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Unfortunately, I am very non technical.

I know how to set up the space for a new domain and add mysql etc.... but as for transferring data, I am at a loss. Does anyone here know? I'm sure we have a few technical people on here... but can't remember who.

Is there some way to make this post more visible?

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I've only just stumbled across this post. Backing up and installing the php/mysql databases shouldn't be a problem at all. The problem I for see would be that of band with. With the amount of traffic the site gets if Jays server is sat behind a residential IP then your service provider will soon start kicking up a fuss when you start raping bandwidth. I guess a good half way house would be to possibly use Jay's server as a back up/reverse lookup DNS sever so it redirects there if the main server goes down for a day or two.

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