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Not posted for a while, checking in.


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A big hello to you all,


It's been a good while since I posted (Not sure who will remember me though!) I thought I'd come back and check how everybody was doing. :D


It has been 5 years with HPPD this past April for myself and I am doing rather well. I now take Sodium Valproate, 400mg BID which has reduced severity greatly, I am living quite normally and have made peace with the symptoms long ago. 


I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to 'onedayillsailagain'? I used to talk to him regularly and enjoyed his posts but I see he has been inactive for many months, I hope he is ok.





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Hi Sam, glad you are doing well.... Most of the old posters seem to have gone... The site was down for some months and all the old data was lost, i think every just found new places to post (I think there is a thriving hppd group on facebook).

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