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List of what exaserbates HPPD


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There doesn't seem to be a master list of things that make our condition worse, both temporarily and possibly permanently, and it could be something that benefits a good deal of us.


My list:



  • Caffeine
  • Noopept
  • Piracetam
  • Wellbutrin - increased my anxiety
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Stress
  • Hangovers
  • Exercise
  • Allergies
  • Nitrous Oxide


  • Not sure


Also, I've attached a file that I found on this site that may be of some help.


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General fatigue, sugar, being outside, fast-moving objects, diphenhydramine, alcohol and other recreational drugs.


I also haven't run into anything that has made my symptoms permanently worse (knock on wood) but I'm really clean and healthy. I think just living an unhealthy lifestyle and doing more drugs is the easiest way to exacerbate HPPD. 

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-too much sugar

-not enough sleep

-Omega 3/ fish oil (not sure)


Semi-permanently (not sure about that)



-too much computer


1 month ago being on computer screen playing online too much + stress gave me grainy vision in the dark + "unstable vision" sometimes and visual snow wich subside a little but I still see it when eyes are closed. (and sometimes during the day when looking at some colors/textures)


I can't stop being on screen computers, but for me it's 100% sure it exaserbates vision problems. (snow, ghosting, negative afterimages).

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Anything that pushes the brain to process information will have some effect to My HPPD.

-Too much carbohydrates in general. Good fats and protein is My main diet.



-Lack of sleep


Steroids (the medication)

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I've been taking generic cold-eez to try and knock this cold out and I think I feel worse on it.  Definitely wreaks havoc on my digestive system.


I would say SSRI's in general make it way worse.  As I recall antibiotics do also.


Caffeine as well, although I drink green tea in the morning because I feel the benefits offset the negative effects.


Too much sleep is worse than too little sleep for me.


L-theanine for sleep seems to screw up my neurochemistry as well.

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I like your "good" list boozebome. Realistic expectations as in life in general is probably the most important realisation to me. With HPPD and I do something at the university and fail....well that puts me in to a lot of stress because i am not as equipped to handle it as i used to be. And that is OK.

Meditation is great when i give it My time. Sometimes just wanna rush threw it or skip it. I need to build up a routine i guess.

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Yeah, I can confirm it -- fish oil does aggravate my symptoms. It gives me slight brain fog and as diddy mentions it also adds a sparkle to the visual field. Nothing too intense but enough to notice, which is enough for me to not necessarily feel like I have to take it. Incorporating fish and nuts into your diet is a much better way to get those Omega Fatty Acids anyhow.  

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I don't know if fish oil aggravates my symptoms- might be something worth experimenting with.  I take it later in the day most days anyway. 


It's crazy good for you in any case, my triglycerides tend to run high and after taking a couple a day they have come down.

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Fish oil increaseas the serotonin and when i began taking it i got sparkling stuff in my visual field. Like fire flies. It passes in a week and then i feel much better

Yea fish oil and some other healty oils worsen my symptoms in the past to buth later it did wonders for my brainfog

It didnt go away 100% buth my social skills improved to a very good point

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