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Hey guys, can you please post if the following also affects you? (Inside)


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Hey so HPPD is a pretty rare condition to have, and it made me start to think "how is my brain different?"

One thing came into my mind, which was something I have had since I was a child

It is officially called ASMR. I have taken it for granted since I have had it all my life. Alot of people have it but do not even know it has an official name

Basically it is a "Tingling sensation" that comes in the back of your head, that can be 'triggered' by certain external activities. It is a very good feeling, euphoric. Similar to goosebumps, but in a pleasurable way.

It's triggered by obvious things like really enjoyable music, epic and emotional moments in films, but also by stranger things like when someone is trying to tell you to do something but you're not really listening, certain voice patterns, when people talk to you slowly, and hair cuts.

Just an off thought, worth investigating.

Chances are it doesn't, but please post if this does or does not affect you so I can confirm/deny this passing thought.



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Actually, i do get that tingling pleasurable feeling that does come in epic moments in films and songs...it's become rare now though, since my emotions are pretty blunted, but before id get it pretty often...only after i started shroomin though, i just figured it made me more emotional, which it did...kind of ironic

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I just thought everyone had these, a tingling from my scalp down my spine to my extremities and back up, kind of like an electrical current, It would rebound up and down up and down until it fades. It happens to me rarely, mostly when listening to music, often of a trance electronica type with a melody that enthralls me. Unfortunately, I after the first few time I listen to the song I kinda become desensitized to it and I stop feeling it. Like Boogres, I have become kind of emotionally blunted, at least subjectively, so I really do not feel this anymore but it happened with greatest frequency when I was a child. I just thought it was just a body response everyone had.

However, I don't think there is any correlation between it and HPPD as I am pretty sure by the name that it has to deal with a response to stimuli in the autonomic nervous system which controls soft muscle function. The only way I could see it being correlated with HPPD is through people with anxiety issues because people with anxiety issues are hypersensitive to stimuli and have very active fight or flight system controlled by the sympathetic system, which is part of the autonomic nervous system. Also it is kinda just agreed upon that HPPD has to deal with anxiety response in some way. So it is possible there is a link there, but that is kinda grasping at straws.

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Just something else to note, ARM, is just perhaps your fight or flight response acting to positive stimuli instead of negative stimuli, therefore instead of you feeling anxious, you are feeling excited, which are really just two sides of the same coin.

If your autonomic nervous system acts to negative stimuli, you will feel anxious because of all the different changes that are getting you ready for survival, but it is not unreasonable to also believe that it can act for positive stimuli as well. If it acts in such a way as a response to positive stimuli, plus since your body is reacting to positive stimuli, the same chills that run from the back of your neck would be perceived as negative during anxiety can be perceived as positive when excited and euphoric. It makes sense.


I am pretty sure neurologists do not still believe this theory, but it is still an interesting read on how the fight or flight response can influence what you are feeling emotionally.

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I get these occasionally out of no where. Don't know why.. they're isolated and only last a few seconds for me normally. But sometimes....

Also, If had what's been refereed to as "simple seizures" which not only give me increased visuals, dp/dr, and slow frame rate vision but also during the duration I have sensation of pulsing going through my body at a certain rate. It feels very electric but reminds of the feeling you guys are describing. Sounds tend to peak as the pulsing peaks. The physical side of this will last for 30 min of so and the visuals tend to relax through out the day. Once the vision issues were much worse for a long time. Since taking Keppra I have only had one and it was much much less intense as before Keppra.

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