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5/100 Sinemet

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the Sinemet is making me so fatigued. I thought it would help my fatigue. Anyone have some input?


While it is a stimulant, it also lowers blood pressure.  So if you have low blood pressure you might feel weak or even faint.  Another member had this problem with it.  All the more so if you are on another med that might increase drowsiness.  If you haven't been taking B vitamins, you could take what you have (even if it isn't the ideal B1  :D )


If you are just taking a low dose of Sinemet, then one would not typically feel that effect.  It is simply a matter of how sensitive one is and other factors.  What is your resting BP?

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apparently I have access to every medical test except my last blood pressure.

this tiredness seems to happen when i take any stimulant, including caffeine. my heart rate will rise but my brain wants to shut down. can't help but think my Effexor, which all but eliminated my anxiety, could be behind this.

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It is hard to know for sure.  When blood pressure goes down, heart rate will at some point start to increase.


l-dopa (Sinemet) is a stimulant, but some people can have the opposite effect.  ADD/ADHD is a classic example ... they take stimulants (that are similar to PD meds) and it calms them and helps them to focus.  I can drink a triple espresso and then take a nap.  So don't be discouraged.


Fatigue is the most persistent problem I have.  The meds I take help but at some point afternoon get real tired.  At that point it doesn't matter how many stimulants I take ... they only rattle me and have other side effects.  The Cocarboxylase has helped and gradually improving the situation ... but while a soft crash is better than a hard one, a crash is a crash.


There seem to be a lot of fatigue disorders besides what some HPPDers have.  Fibromyalgia, CFS, etc...  And there are 'mitrochondiral disease' organizations working on identifying possible genetics and treatments.

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