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Effexor thoughts ?

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There have been some that report better anxiety management with it.  However, Effexor gave me seizures ... an only at 1/4 dose (using the standard tapering package).  So by day 8 I stopped.  It caused cognitive damage that has taken several years to recover from.  Specifically the ability to add columns of number was trashed.  And problems recognizing adjacent digits (specifically 7,8; 4,5; and 2,3 (worst pair)).  So henceforth will not even try another SNRI.


Guess it depends on what you are trying to address and how you have responded to other meds so far.  Just go slow (be patient and taper) with any med.

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i am 41 years old. started taking Effexor when i was probably 26 or 27. my anxiety was constant.

i tried prozac and wllbutrin but they made me very agitated.

Effexor took care of the anxiety but nothing else.

when i miss even one pill i get dizzy, heart jumping around, feel awful. ive heard horror stories about getting off Effexor.

i would only try it if your anxiety is absolutely unbearable.

i am on 150 mg/day of Venlafaxine time release capsule

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