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HPPD from mushrooms?


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I've been thinking about taking psilocybe mushrooms to get some help to anxiety and social phobia problems. But I just heard about HPPD, and I consider myself lucky to do so! I thought mushrooms are nearly harmless but this HPPD sounds very nasty.

Most HPPD cases report LSD as the cause but mushrooms are sometimes mentioned too. Has anyone got HPPD from mushrooms and does anyone know what's the percentage/risk of getting it?

Are there any ways to test if it's going to result in HPPD? Should I take small dose first and see if any signs of HPPD appear? Or should i just ditch the idea of taking mushrooms?

I have never taken any recreational drugs besides alcohol and cigarettes.

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You lucky you found this forum its posible i goth hppd from mushrooms and there is a poll here and a lot people goth it from it so there is a risk buth i think the chances are low buth at the end if you geth it its not worth it

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Yes, you can get hppd from mushrooms. My advice: Stay away! Mushrooms aren't gonna cure your anxiety.

There's no way to tell if they're gonna give you hppd by sampling a single dose. Even if hppd doesn't kick in the first time, it can sneak up on you with repeated doses, or otherwise be latent and triggered by life stress.

It's is a road you dont want to go down.

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Thanks for your answers guys. I've read about mushrooms' positive effects on mood and depression. But getting HPPD would be much much worse than my current problems which aren't *very* serious. Perhaps i won't take the risk. It doesn't sound very good idea anymore.

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