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What can I show my doctor

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If it's a regular doctor DO NOT TELL THEM ABOUT HPPD, I tried to explain it to regular docs and they simply CANNOT grasp the concept no matter how you explain it. "You may be developing a mental disorder" lmao. I told my doc I've been having headaches for a while and would like to see a neurologist about it, simple as that.

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Ddiddy a drug specialist isn't gonna work, I had shit insurance yet my doctor still refereed me to a psychologist. I would go pay for one and skip the doc or go through with everything your doc wants you to do and keep bugging him for a neurologist referall

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Sometimes you can find a PA that specializes in psychiatric meds.  It sounds odd but they can be quite flexible for trying things.  Since Keppra is specifically an anti-seizure med, some docs won't off-label prescribe.  So you need someone willing to off-label prescribe stuff.


BTW, off-label prescribing isn't a big deal.  For example, Tagamet is for stomach problems, yet they found out that it can be helpful for warts so some doctors prescribe it for that.

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