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just looking for some oppinions.


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OK so of coarse i have some drug history definetly not the best but also not the worse.

Huffed things years ago(atleast 4 years ago)

did coke twice thats been atleast 6/7 years ago.

Did shrooms about 10 times but thats been about 4 years ago.Had a bad trip n never did em again thought i wanted to ease back but havnt.nothing days after though had a bad trip and went to sleep that night and felt fine ever after.

Did the fake k2 crap.atleast 3/4 years ago.

I have smoked weed for a long long time.Up to about a ounce a day and atleast a quarter a day for years.

I went on a alchohal binge for about a week at the beach hit my head twice.

Well that was 6 months ago and im still not right.

I feel like im going to faint sometimes.Have weird thoughts,Feel out of my head,feel spacey,disconnected.i shake sometimes,Joint pain,Heart palpitations that come and go,Things around me dont look nor feel right So i constantly question their reality.I also have the static when i look at a dark wall and floaters when i look at the sky.And peripheal halucinations and sometimes things seem to move but if i look at them it hasnt moved at all.Anxiety,and just feel all around weird and not myself.I was diagnosed with a concussion and am looking into lyme.but was wondering if anyone here thought shrooms can cause hppd and if so is it possible to pop up out of the blue years later?I thought maybe someone laced my weed,Well i never tasted anything funny never smelled anything funny nothing.My girlfriend also smoked with me and she dosnt feel any of this.Also why would you lace weed inless a cheap rc? N even then why would they just lace one bowl pack out of an entire pound...


I have read that it would show on sertain brain scans,Well ive had all kinds lol ive had CT scan,Ive had MRI,Ive had a EEG and countless bloodwork and other test.


Just looking to see what you guys think.Thanks in advance.

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I also feel faint in stores and in public while i drive.And for the past 3 weeks i feel psychologically not right at all.But none of this ever happend after use.It was just out of the blue about 45 minutes after smoking and the day before i got the big bam of all these symptoms i had a bad hot flash and faint feel.

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Like everything comes and goes for me.I was just feeling very weird,Drugged everything but it dosnt feel like any drug ive ever done.Then it eased off and i just felt weird and off not quite right,I honestly felt like id be good in a week,Then it went right back to feeling drugged and all around weird,N this time its playing a psychological role.But it coming and going dosnt sound like hppd to me cuz i cant find anything saying it comes and goes.this is all in a 6/7 month period.

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I mean i feel drugged but not like weed or any other drug ive ever done.I feel badly drugged.N it all comes and goes.Like even the distorted reality comes and goes.Some times i just feel off and not myself.But sometimes Its bad.I would think hppd would be constant.

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Weed can most certainly be a trigger.  It is for my old skull anyway.  The danger of using K2 or whatever it's called is that it's untested on humans.  Granted, with "mainstream" psychedelics you don't know if the chemist had a clue.  But with these research chemicals nobody really knows how the brain will react.  As I repeat over and over, give yourself a break.  Sobriety is great stuff and I take a dose every day.  I fried myself real good in the 70s and live with visuals 24/7.  If you give up using now you have a much better chance at wellness than if you continue using.  I know, I'm getting real preachy.  Give it a try.  Don't cost nothin'

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