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You might notice improvement in your symptoms (not sure about visuals), because drinking was helpful to me also in the beginning.  


I'm building a working theory on this.  Part of it could be because, "Alcohol also helps to increase the release of dopamine, by a process that is still poorly understood but that appears to involve curtailing the activity of the enzyme that breaks dopamine down."



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Thanks folks! Does it matter whether you have, say, one glass of wine or get completed wasted? I'm hoping to have a glass of wine at some point. However, breathing in second hand pot skyrocketed my symptoms and even gave me a new one (tracers).


Yes, getting wasted can actually make HPPD quite a lot worse.


The "safest" way to have 1-2 drinks, i've found, if a really good Gin, with tonic or bitter lemon. If you don't like gin, vodka + a mixer. If you really want wine, I find that white wine is the cleanest. Stick to a low % one

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