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Positive effects from magnesium

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Hi folks

New on the forum - HPPD for 20 years (after LSD)

I've been taking magnesium supplements for a few days. Pleasantly surprised as I've notice some positive effects - slightly reduced visuals, generally sharper vision and possibly clearer thinking.

I say possibly, as I suppose there's always the chance of placebo. Really hope not.

Anyone else had any joy with magnesium?

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I started taking magnesium on Monday along with zinc. I noticed a difference on Tuesday. My snow was tapered down a bit and I felt much more calm. There is no way for it to have been a placebo. At times I almost didn't have any snow whatsoever. Unfortuently yesterday whatever benefits I was recieving seemed to have worn off and now my snow is back again. Bummer. But it,certainly did help for those few days and I urge everyone to try it.

I was taking a 200mg magnesium glycninate capsule in the morning and one before bed

And 25 mg of zinc in the morning

Everyone should give it a shot I'm hoping the positive effects return

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Take for a few days its to soon say about the benefits i think its come in waves i take magensium citrate now for 1.5 month i think i see the benefits from it buth i have been cured pretty good alrdeady buth improving much posibel its always better

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As always, magnesium citrate should be tried by anyone. Love it, 250mg morning/night. I have ADD and that dose has been used in treatment of adhd. It could be that the calming effect of the ADD improves My visuals but it really is a significant change to the better.

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