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Hppd for 20 years


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Hello everyone

My hppd began after using lsd 3 times

Have not used street drugs since then- that was 20years ago

Hppd was gone for the past 6 years

Have been on Paxil for 8 years, I recently increased my dose of medication after a failed taper and the visual snow and tracers and everything else is back

Don't know if it's anxiety related and my Paxil was keeping it at bay or if the Paxil is actually causing it - either way- nice to meet everyone

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Visual snow is something I had when I was younger before this mess from anxiety. Look through the snow and find what your looking for. Don't give it attention. Also, anxiety solicits the visual snow with usually means your semi depersonalized. I'm sure the Paxil killed your anxiety. Maybe it's built tollerance and your underlying anxiety is back. If it helped that much I would consider switching to another med for like 6 months then go back to Paxil. Maybe Effexor . That stuff kills anxiety like a boss. Only 75 mg. haven't taken it in years but it killed any dp I had when I was on it

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