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How can I control the "trip" more easily ?

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I was having one of my HPPD dp/dr trips in class today and I felt stoned and I was shaking my head and twitching as if I was on different drugs (which I was not) and talking to people felt so strange. This one kid starts saying out loud so everyone could hear "are you tripping ?" and it was impossible to convince him I wasn't high lol and the teachers start looking at me and it made me so nervous. How can I control this better when I'm in class ?

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That's probably just your interpretation of what people think.... Remember, most people are too consumed with their own issues to be constantly checking to see what you are up to.


Also, if you can't be quiet and moody at 17, you never can... Embrace the fact that people think something is wrong with you or you are a bit crazy! Chicks dig it!

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