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Bad trips more harmful to HPPD and dp/dr than good trips ?

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Seems like bad trips do more harm to HPPD and dp/dr than good trips. Today we had a big weird test at school and it was impossible to read those passages without instantly forgetting what the hell I just read. So fucking difficult to process shit. MATH was the worst part I just wanted to leave the room cuz I had no idea what to do the fucking problems were scaring the shit out of me.

Hanging out with my friends today was kinda hard cuz I couldn't follow the conversation plus they all talk at the same time while I'm standing there trying to stay calm. Most people I used to hang out with didn't talk nonstop the way they do. I might stay away from them for a while.

One question I do have is : is reading and studying or hanging out with friends who talk a lot good or bad for brain fog ?

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if you need an advice...take a break from people as soon as possible if you need it but if you are in a good mood try to start conversations...i remember that when i had hppd i was avaoiding people who talk to me or talk too much cause they caused me panic attacks and weird hallucinatory sensations..i wasnt able to listen to them at all..they must have thought im crazy..when i took a break from people..i was feeling better..dont overcharge yourself

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ya hppd and dpd always caused dilation for my pupils too...its like the brain has learned to synthesize psychedelic compounds itself after aquiring hppd/dpd and on some occasions they get released without warning... these days i actually enjoy these psychedelic sensations :D even though its not quite the same feeling like being on psychs

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