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HPPD?! Scared! Would love to hear your opinion


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Hi, hope you guys are doing well. I'm starting my blog as many others do .. I took LSD 8 weeks ago and have a couple of concerning symptoms I would like to share with you. The 2 - 3 weeks after I took acid I was very dizzy / had vertigo (when I walked around it felt like being on a boat). I went to a doctor and an ENT-specialist, but they didn't find anything. The dizzyness now almost disappeard, but I still have a blurry vision especially when things or me : ) are moving fast. I still have a constant headache, even though it is also already better than at the beginning (I had awful neck pain at the back of my head). I still feel like having a constant hangover though! When I'm outside a lot I can feel that all the impressions are a lot to process for my head. E.g. the front of my brain is working a lot/is struggling processing all the information. I also feel sick most of the time .. which I think is due to my blurry/dizzy vision!
I don't have a lot of symptoms described in the blogs/forum though (e.g. trails, frames, etc.) This is why I'm questioning that I have HPPD. Did someone have a similar experience? Does this end anyday soon? The last couple of weeks I didn't notice that it's getting better. I'm therefore afraid that it isn't going away. I started to freak out a little bit last weekend as it seemed to get worse again.
Would love to hear your opinions? I planned to go to the Neurologist in a few days .. I don't think though this will be very helpful.
Many thanks in advance.

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Doesn't immediately sound like hppd to me, though I'm no expert.

Did you use any other drugs in the period preceding these symptoms? Have you previously struggled with anxiety? Did something happen in your life recently or during your LSD trip that could trigger anxiety?

From your symptoms anxiety sounds like it could be an important factor here.

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When things that move fast get blurry that's, at least to me, a sign you may have HPPD. I only know this because I have this symptom and have had it for the last five months, during which time I've had HPPD. I also identify with what you're saying about being outside. When I go from inside to outside it's a lot to process, but once I'm out there for a while I adapt and am alright.


From everything I gather, HPPD comes in many different forms and has hundreds of different symptoms. It's hard to say what you have but you should definitely see a doctor.

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Thanks guys for the input.

My symptoms don't seem to get better. I still have this weird dizzyness and feel nauseous (probably because of the dizzyness/vertico) most of the time. I only did MDMA before, it was my first LSD trip. Never had anxiety issues before.


Does anyone have headache/neckpain or other physical issues in addition to the hppd symptoms? Are you mostly/'only' experiencing visual distrubances?


The head / back of my neck is often very tense and I was wondering if this might be related to my symptoms .. It feels like a constant hangover!

I went to the neurologist and told her the whole story. She said I should take Ibuprofene and wait .. not very helpful!


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