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have you any advice to recover my sex drive


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when i had the first sign of hppd my sex drive sufferd to zero slowly my sex drive has recoverd after my hppd viped out buth i left with erecticle problem and prety low libido i went to a doctor with no results my testostorone seems be normal

even i did lot of sport no realy improvment

list wat a tryd :

l argarine : seems to work littel for erecticle buth smelt like shit

l-cituriline: no results

next wat i want to try anti oestrogeen supps

so have anybody a good advice

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I had pretty bad depression for about four years in my late teens and early 20s and as a result my sex drive went downhill big time. From my experience there are a few things that can help:


1. Don't watch porn. Ironically it's one of the worst contributors to low sex drive. You become less motivated to seek out sex in real life and satisfied only with watching other people do it instead of you.


2. Become more social. Talk with people as much as you can -- guys, girls, old people, young people, whomever. You need to get this part of your brain working again as much as possible. Being around people causes you to adapt and see the world differently than just sitting in your room or behind a TV. Obviously talking with people you're attracted to helps a lot as well.


3. Dance. Dancing is really good for you, physically, mentally, every way imaginable. If you can try and go do dance classes or out to clubs.


4. Lower-body exercise. Running, walking, hiking, doing leg workouts -- all this helps stimulate blood to your pelvic region, which you obviously need to be healthy in order to have a good sex drive.


Hope this helps!

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txn for advice

buth socialyzing is my bigest problem that i didnt solved until now i have clomplexes that i cant overcome there has been periods that i give shot with with every time same results i have no luck with those problem for sure

buth when you in a social envoriment when you dont geth attention this the badest feeling that you can geth

when i am rdy i wil give anhother shot

and i do sport alrdy buth dont seems be realy helpfull

dancing i never liked in the public only when i was drunk maybe i need to overcome that to

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Actually I just thought of one! Catuaba bark extract has been shown to get people in the mood. You have to get the right kind though. I found a primo source and will post it when I get home. It's the bark of a Brazilian tree (of course it's from the land of super sexy people :P) and is known to increase dopamine and serotonin. When I take it in on my A game sexually.

A word of warning though-- your gonna have some crazy sex dreams the night you take it. If you continue taking it the next day you just get weird dreams, not necessarily sexual. That was my experience at least :)

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