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Hello I am new to HPPD online

Cesar Rene

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Thanks guys. Well, first of all I started dropping acid and psychedelic mushrooms at around 13 years old and continued frequent use up to around 18 years old. In those days, LSD´s main producer got busted and it just stopped circulating for quite a few years all over the state(at least where I grew up) of Arizona. Shortly after I started using acid, when I was sober, I started to suffer intense panic attacks, hardcore anxiety. So I would smoke marijuana recreationally and and to sooth those symptoms. I am grateful to be sober now from all drugs. I have been for around 12 years now. However I still suffer these attacks yet I have a spiritual encounter with Christ but I cannot say that these attacks have stopped. And when I get them I just pace back and forth in my house and pray and it lasts for around 30-45 minutes. I have almost permanent tracers when I wave my hand past my face and in general. When I stare anything where I am, a room persay, the visuals are still there, walls melting somewhat if I stare. Also, at night, at times I get Taidai(don´t know if I spelt that correctly) when the whole room is dark or when I close my eyes. The Taidai effects do not happen very frequently as the walls melting and tracers. I do not know if the visual effects I still get is called HPPD but I am 100% sure that those are still there.

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