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VS and After Images


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Hey so I'm new to this HPPD stuff and I believe I have it mild/ pre HPPD. But I was just wondering for the people who have overcame this do you still have the VS and After images? I'm also slightly dizzy from time to time especially when I'm tired.

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Hey mate, yeah I've got what rather mild/pre HPPD too, with visual snow//after images the biggest issues for me but not debilitating. It's been nearly a year since I've had them and theyre slowly diminishing in intensity. I've been on an SNRI during this period as well (so not certain if it's had an effect on base lining my symptoms/improving/worsening). Tried mdma, ketamine and ghb a few times each in this period as well with no increase in symptoms apart from when im in the dark a few days after.

No doubt though it slowly diminishes through time.

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